What is a 13 Number?

13 Numbers are six digit national Australian Inbound phone numbers, which can only be used for receiving incoming calls. 13 Numbers offer similar benefits to 1300 Numbers:


  • Callers are charged a local call rate from any landline in Australia, allowing your business to compete in local markets nationally
  • Presents your business as one who operates nationally
  • Provide consumers a single point of contact while broadening the reach of your business
  • Provides increased functionality when you take advantage of our Phone Answering Service or Call Routing Suite


What’s the difference? They’re shorter which of course makes them easier to remember! Therefore, they serve as a powerful marketing tool, and allow you to more effectively broaden the reach of your business.

Ideal for: all business sizes however, generally better suited to larger businesses with a large call volume.




  • Increase consumer response to marketing campaigns
  • Provide your consumers an easy to remember 6 digit number
  • Provide Australia wide coverage
  • Your callers will save on call charges
  • 13 Numbers are premium numbers which allow you to present a professional business image
  • Provides you call data via our Reporting Platform – informing your decision making, which leads to increased ROI
  • Set up and ready to use in minutes
  • No additional hardware required – we’ll route your calls to an existing mobile or landline


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