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Australia’s most popular internet service. Don’t put up with slow, over-subscribed internet services. We maintain extremely high speeds by limiting bandwidth competition on your connection – it’s just like having your own lane on the freeway.

Stop putting up with slow, oversubscribed internet services. Our highly trained, Australian-based technical support team know the right questions to ask. They’ll run a speed test and a range of other diagnostic tools to find out how to improve your experience from every angle.

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What’s the difference between On-Net and Off-Net ADSL?

On-net ADSL services are provided directly through our wholesaler in the local exchange. We pass the savings from this lower-cost ADSL option directly onto the customer.
Off-net ADSL is provided using access to Telstra equipment at exchanges. This option involves a higher monthly cost, as Leaptel is charged more for using Telstra services.
Your address will be assigned by Leaptel as either On-Net or Off-Net ADSL, depending on availability.

Local team, personal support

At Leaptel, we’re all about solving your tech issues … fast. Our dedicated team offers clear, detailed and friendly support, online and over the phone. And because all our team members are trained to address your concerns, you’ll reach an expert in tune with your needs.