With Leaptel, you have the option of using our modem or bringing your own. A wireless router is required to connect to LBNCo, nbn™, OPENetworks or Opticomm. If you’re connecting to nbn™ FTTN/FTTB, you’ll need a wireless modem router. Leaptel offers the following modem:

Netcomm NF18MESH


  • Dual Band AC1600 Wireless Modem Router
  • Simultaneous N (2/4Ghz) & AC (5Ghz) networks
  • Works on all internet types – LBNCo, all nbn™ technologies and Opticomm
  • 4 Gigabit LAN Ports
  • 2 VoIP Ports – up to two numbers can be configured on this modem.
  • USB Port for file sharing
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Ready to go when it arrives at your door.


  • 24-month contract – $0/month + $20 postage
  • Month-to-month – $150 upfront + $20 postage

Further information:

Advice for enhancing NF18MESH performance is included on the Netcomm website.

Please note that customers bringing their own modem must organise their own configuration. For details on what features your BYO modem needs to have, head to our BYO Modem Requirements page.

Netcomm NP1201 Powerline Adapter


  • Gigabit LAN Port
  • Uses your internal power lines as internal cabling. Can be used to move your router to a different location or to connect devices via ethernet cable to your router
  • Ready to go when it arrives at your door.
  • Can connect more than 2 units if required.
  • Power point can still be used for anther plug at the same time
  • Price:

    • Upfront Cost – $135 upfront + $20 postage

    Further information:

    Powerline adapters can not always provide the full speed of your connection as provided at the boundary point for your connection. Our speed guarantee does not apply for devices using powerline adapters.