What are Inbound Numbers

Inbound numbers in Australia are phone numbers that start with either 13, 1300 or 1800. These numbers provide your clients with a clear and memorable link to your business. There are so many things you can do with Inbound numbers which are unique and benefial to your business.



What is a Phone Word

Do you want to get ahead of your competitors – Why not look at a Phone Word – 1300 20 LEAP. Phone Words are numbers that spell a word and are premium numbers that when used correctly will provide a clear and memorable link to your business, product or service.



Why would I want an Inbound Number

There are two main reasons why would you want an Inbound Number


The number can be used anywhere in Australia – How many times have you advertised a number which you have had for years and when you go to move you get told that you can’t keep that number anymore so you either have to pay high costs to divert that number to the new number or you can use Inbound Numbers. Once you have it you keep it for life regardless of where you go in Australia.


Inbound Numbers are smart numbers and can be programmed to do many different roles and jobs depending on what you want to achieve. These can be used in business to test and measure the ROI (Return on Investment) on the marketing activities in your business. There are many smart things these numbers can do which can give you critical business intelligence which can help you get a business advantage.



I already have an Inbound Number ?

Well done you have made a great decision getting an Inbound Number. Now we have to capitalise on this and you can do this by hosting your number with LeapTel. Not only will we give you the most competitive pricing in the marketplace today but with all the call data and statistics which are available via LeapTrak.


If you don’t believe us, then send us your bill and we will supply you with a detailed bill analysis and demo of our amazing system.


Remember we will beat your current supplier by a minimum of 10%


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