Lightning Wholesale – Ultra-fast Fibre Internet

Emily Gallarde |

In a previous post, we covered network wholesalers, who they are, what they do and how they work. In this post, we will be looking at Lightning Wholesale, a network wholesaler that supplies internet to buildings and communities around Melbourne and, soon, Sydney.

Lightning Wholesale was established in 2016, as one of the first non-nbn® providers bringing fast internet plans with unlimited data across a full fibre optic network.

Lightning Wholesale supplies commercial, estate and apartment building connectivity projects with its fibre infrastructure that supports symmetrical speeds of up to 1,000Mbps upload and download. Lighting has continued to provide developers and building owners with network connectivity that enables smart buildings and fully internet-connected communities.

The Lightning Difference 
According to their website, Lighting was looking to “Cure the copper broadband hangover.” Stating that Australia still suffers a copper hangover – ranging 61st in the world for fixed broadband speeds as of December 2021. Therefore, Lightning’s network is fully fibre optic boasting ultra-fast speeds on its highest tier plan. 

That sounds great! Can I get Lightning? 
Although the thought of symmetrical speeds is very enticing and exciting, not everyone can get internet supplied by the Lightning network. Lightning focuses on installing fibre optic cables in buildings, small living communities and retirement homes. So if you live in an apartment building or multiple dwelling community that is supplied by Lighting Wholesale, you will likely be put in touch with one of their Retail Service Providers (RSPs) so you can access their flawless, rock-solid connection throughout your home. 

Leaptel proudly offers services on the Lightning network from speeds starting at 25Mbps through to 500Mbps – check out our Lightning specials below!

Disclaimer: prices and speeds shown above are as of 26/07/2023 and are subject to change.

The Leaptel Difference 
Getting Lighting broadband in your home through Leaptel means you not only get access to their quality network, but you have full access to Leaptel’s 100% local Aussie service and support.  

Lightning Wholesale is one of Australia’s best fibre optic network internet providers. Connecting buildings and communities through industrial-grade fibre optic that boasts high, symmetrical speeds makes them one of the providers of choice! Thanks, Lightning, for the excellent, ultra-fast, reliable internet.  

If you would like to connect to Lighting with Leaptel, get in touch with us today via web chat, email or call 1300 205 327.