What is a Local Virtual Number?

Local Virtual Numbers allow you to set up multiple virtual offices Australia wide so you can increase your business’s footprint. They allow you to create a local presence in cities and states you don’t have physical infrastructure. Ultimately, Local Virtual Numbers encourage consumers to call by appealing to consumer segments looking for a local business – cost effectively increasing your consumer base and ROI. Local numbers can be routed to a landline, mobile number, Call Routing Solution, or even to a Phone Answering Solution. Don’t let your business’s size, stop you from providing national coverage to your consumer base – look as big as you feel.




  • Increase your consumer base and ROI
  • Get a local edge with a local look number – ensuring you’re perceived as a legitimate goods or services provider where your virtual offices are located
  • Look bigger with multiple virtual offices where your consumers are located
  • Provide security and legitimacy to your consumers
  • Provides you call data via our Reporting Platform – informing your decision making, which leads to increased ROI
  • Set up and ready to use in minutes
  • No additional hardware required – we’ll route your calls to an existing mobile or landline


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