What are Phone Words?

Phone Words are premium 13, 1300, and 1800 Numbers which are advertised with a word in place of numbers after the prefix. Each letter corresponds to a number on the keypad, for example: 1300 170 748 would be keyed in as 1300 170 7489. This serves as a valuable advertising tool as it provides consumers a clear and memorable link to your organisation, product, or service. Further, they provide brand identity across multiple marketing channels – leading to increased consumer engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, and ultimately, ROI. Your customers only need to recall your business’s Phone Word and prefix, as opposed to a series of numbers – you tell us which one is easier! If you want to get ahead of the competition and be top of mind for your consumers – get a Phone Word.


What if I want a longer Phone Word? No Problem – we can 1300 and 1800 Phone Words with up to 10 letters, and 13 Phone Words with up to 8 letters.


Getting a Phone Word is simple – give us a call on 1300 170 748 and we’ll work with you to develop a Phone Word right for your business.


Ideal for: All sized businesses who want to make an impact.




  • Increase consumer response to marketing campaigns, which leads to increased ROI
  • They are a valuable advertising tool, which provide your consumers a memorable call to action
  • Provides a clear memorable link to your organisation as consumers are recalling a word that relates to your business
  • Phone Words are premium numbers
  • Provides you call data via our Reporting Platform – informing your decision making, which leads to increased ROI
  • Set up and ready to use in minutes
  • No additional hardware required – we’ll route your calls to an existing mobile or landline


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