Leaptel Lenny with laptop

Our team has one aim – solving your tech issues, fast. You’ll reach an expert in tune with your needs, so no cycling through endless online menus.

Simplicity’s important too. While some hard-core types enjoy high-tech jargon, most people just want their problem fixed ASAP. If you’re after a clear and accurate fix, our technicians speak your language. We know local solutions and service work better than remote ones. And when we say local, we mean local. Everyone you speak with at Leaptel works in Melbourne – it’s that simple.

We understand that internet issues occur every day of the week, not just when convenient for us. That’s why you can reach us easily – whether it’s online, by phone, over email or via social media, we’re right here to help.

We’re on your wavelength. Local support from our friendly Melbourne team.

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