Fibre Plans

Opticomm is a privately-owned provider of Fibre-to-the Premises (FTTP) network solutions across Australia. Opticomm is the provider of infrastructure for some new developments who choose to install Opticomm rather than nbn™. If your property is in an Opticomm area, nbn™ and other internet technologies will not be available.


Leaptel provides a range of high speed fibre plans using Opticomm’s network. Unlike many other providers, Leaptel buys sufficient capacity on Opticomm’s infrastructure to ensure that our customers receive the speeds they are paying for.


Below you can see the range of plans we can offer to customers living in Opticomm areas.

Opticomm Coverage


Leaptel is pleased to deliver Opticomm Internet services to all Opticomm enabled housing communities in Australia (Victoria, Australian Capital Territories, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia). You can confirm your ability to access Opticomm services by using the service qualification tool found here.


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