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Why are not all NBN Connections created equally?

Above is a simplified diagram of how the NBN Network works and shows where the different parts connect to together.


The NBN Network is designed to leave the end connectivity (connectivity to the house) with NBN Co and hand off to the different internet service providers at 121 different points of interconnection (POI). At each of these points, the internet carrier connects a large network point to service all the customers it has connected off that POI. The circuit connected at that point is known as many names, we refer to it as the Carrier circuit and this is where the network between the different carriers changes.


Each carrier is charged approximately $17 per megabit of connectivity they have with NBN Co and they choose how much capacity they wish to have at each POI. They then need to backhaul the data from that connection to their main network and then onto the internet.


Depending on how the carrier decides to work their network, they may change the number of megabit they have available to be shared amongst all the customers at that POI.  This will affect, especially at peek times, the experience the customer will enjoy as more and more people share the same pipe at the same time.

So what makes Leaptel NBN the best in Australia?

Leaptel does not oversubscribe our network, this means that our users are able to enjoy the best quality internet available at their home and that we are continuously scaling our network accordingly. This also means that we are building in sufficient capacity to allow our customers to enjoy a good quality of service throughout the day, especially during peek periods where our speeds will be faster on average than our competitors.


Our network is built using multiple wholesale carriers where we pick and choose the best carrier in an area to ensure that our users get the best experience possible at the lowest price. We continuously monitor our network and upgrade our capacity before we reach full utilisation to ensure that our network remains in good working order.


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