Terms Of Service

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For easy reference, we’ve put all our agreements, policies, processes and contract information in one place.
Customer Relationship Agreement

Our CRA contains all the terms & conditions between Leaptel and its customers; everything you need to know about our plans, general terms, service descriptions and pricing schedules. Read our Customer Relationship Agreement here.

Acceptable Use Policy

Our services are governed by an Acceptable Use Policy, as outlined in our Customer Relationship Agreement. Read our Acceptable Use Policy here.

Pricing Schedule

Our pricing schedule outlines when your invoice is issued, what payment methods you can use and what fees may apply relating to bills & payments. Read our Pricing Schedule here.

Complaint Handling Process

Information about your right to make a complaint and Leaptel’s Complaint Handling Process can be found here. Read our Complaint Handling Process here.

Financial Hardship Summary

A summary of our Financial Hardship Policy can be found here. Read our Financial Hardship summary here.

Credit & Refund Policy

Our Credit & Refund Policy can be found here. Read our Credit & Refund Policy here.

Privacy Statement

Information about our privacy policies. Read our Privacy Statement here.

Warranty Information Statement

Equipment provided by Leaptel may come with a manufacturer warranty. Leaptel does not provide any additional warranties on top of those provided by the manufacturer. Some equipment only comes with a one-year warranty, Leaptel recommends that you register your equipment for extended warranties where available to ensure that warranty cover is available for the length of your contract period. While Leaptel will try and assist with hardware that is out of warranty you may have to replace it at your own cost.

Website Terms of Use

Leaptel provides this website as part of its overall service to you. By accessing or using any of the content, information, data, text, graphics, photographs and other materials (“Material”) on this website you agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree, you should not use this website.