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Faster speeds on Fixed Wireless

Regional Australians are using more data than ever before, and with internet usage set to increase over the next 10 years, the nbn Fixed Wireless network has received significant upgrades since late 2023 making higher speeds available to a number of homes in rural and remote Australia.

This progressive upgrade rollout is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, bringing the next generation of 4G and 5G equipment into the existing network. A total investment of $750 million, comprising $480 million from the Australian government and $270 million from nbn.

Higher speeds for better performance

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The upgraded Fixed Wireless network

An nbn Fixed Wireless connection utilises data transmitted over radio signals to connect a premises to the nbn network. This connection is typically used in circumstances where the distance between premises can be many kilometres.

Data travels from a transmission tower located as far as 29 kilometres (was originally 14 kilometres), to an nbn outdoor antenna that has been fitted to the premises by an approved nbn installer. Upgrades to the network include newer, better versions of the antenna offering speeds of up to 400Mbps download with a 10-40Mbps upload. See below for more information about antenna versions.

Fixed Wireless connections also require an nbn connection box to be installed at the point where the cable from the nbn outdoor antenna enters your premises. This device requires power to operate and can only be installed by an nbn approved installer.


Connection devices


WNTD Version 2

This diamond-shaped antenna is an older device and looks similar to the WNTD Version 1.

Notes about antenna:

  • Cannot achieve maximum speed on the new Fixed Wireless Plus 100/20Mbps service.
  • Cannot support the new high-speed tiers.
  • Can be upgraded to a newer version if you order a Fixed Wireless Fast or Fixed Wireless Superfast service.

WNTD Version 3

This rectangular device has sharper edgeds and was introduced in 2018 – the most widely deployed model on the Fixed Wireless network today.

Notes about antenna:

  • Achieve maximum speeds of 250/20Mbps.
  • Can be upgraded to Version 4 if a Fixed Wireless Superfast service is available at your address.
  • Some locations require an upgrade to Version 4 to order Fixed Wireless Fast service.

WNTD Version 4

This rectangular device has rounded edges and was introduced in late 2023.

Notes about antenna:

  • The only antenna that supports the Fixed Wireless Supefast service, with speeds of up to 400/40Mbps.
  • Acheives the best possible speeds on all Fixed Wireless plans.
  • Installed for most new Fixed Wireless connections. If you have an older antenna (Version 1 or 2), your home can be upgraded to Version 4. Speak with our team to see how we can help!

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How can I connect to Fixed Wireless if it becomes available at my address?

Here at Leaptel, we can take care of your Fixed Wireless connection.

New customers: head to our Fixed Wireless page, enter your address to see the plans available at your location, and complete the sign-up process.

Existing customers: If you’d like to leap to a higher speed plan, you can ask our friendly team via web chat or call us on 1300 205 327 during our operating hours.

Do I need to cancel my original plan when I switch to my new fixed wireless service?

If you have an existing service over another technology (i.e. Satellite), we recommend that you contact the provider of the other service and ask to cancel the plan to avoid being charged twice. Speak to your provider about any cancellation fees that may apply. You may want to leave your current service active until your new Fixed Wireless service is up and running so you aren’t left without a service.

What upgrades is nbn® doing to the Fixed Wireless network?

nbn® is optimising the Fixed Wireless network, including installing the next-generation 4G and 5G equipment. This new technology is designed to deliver more reach (by extending the range of the towers from 14km to up to 29kms where possible) and more speed to regional and remote Australia. nbn® will be amongst the first in the world to deploy the 5G technology at this scale for a dedicated Fixed Wireless network.

nbn® is also expanding the Fixed Wireless network by working with local governments and councils to install new Fixed Wireless towers in selected areas.

I’ve requested a technology upgrade. What happens now?

Once you’ve successfully signed up, we will connect you to the lowest-cost plan as a pre-upgrade service while you wait for the WNTD to be installed by nbn®.

We’ll take care of booking the installation appointment and confirm the appointment details via email. If you need to change the appointment, let us know ASAP.

Once the upgrade is complete, we’ll automatically switch your service to your chosen upgrade plan.

What is the installation process?

Read nbn’s handy Fixed Wireless Connection Step Guide to find out everything you need to know about getting connected to Fixed Wireless.

If you previously had a Satellite connection, this will not automatically be removed. Requests to remove Satellite equipment must be submitted to nbn® directly.

What nbn® equipment will I need?

If you’re connecting to Fixed Wireless for the first time, nbn® will provide an outdoor antenna and an indoor connection box free of charge, which will be installed during your appointment. You’ll just need to ensure that your router is compatible with the nbn® network when you connect. Check out our recommended eero router for the best connection.

When will the new high-speed plans be available in my area?

From June 2024! nbn® has advised that Fixed Wireless Fast will be available in 90% of Fixed Wireless locations and Fixed Wireless Superfast in 80% of Fixed Wireless locations by the end of 2024.

Fixed Wireless Plus (speeds up to 75-100/8-20Mbps) – all locations eligible for a Fixed Wireless connection.

Fixed Wireless Fast (speeds up to 200-250/8-20Mbps) – eligible locations only.

Fixed Wireless Superfast (speeds up to 400/10-40Mbps) – eligible locations only.

Visit our Fixed Wireless page and enter your address to see which plans are available at your location today.

Am I guaranteed to achieve the plan speeds?

Fixed Wireless speeds can be affected by a number of factors:

  1. The version of WNTD installed at your location.
  2. Signal strength or signal interference: Weather conditions, obstructions to the antenna’s line of sight to the tower and the Fixed Wireless network capacity in your locality.
  3. Capacity and limitations of your local network equipment: Devices such as router hardware, network configuration, network cabling, Wi-Fi version and signal, and limitations of individual devices accessing your network.
  4. In-home usage: Speeds to an individual device may also vary based on the number of users simultaneously using the network and the type or source of the content being downloaded.

Our Fixed Wireless plans page lists the maximum speed guaranteed by nbn® for each plan, along with the typical evening speed achievable from 7pm to 11pm.

If you’re concerned about the speed of your Fixed Wireless connection, please get in touch with our friendly Australian support team for assistance.

Will an upgrade cost me anything?

In most eligible locations, the WNTD upgrade is free when you choose a Fixed Wireless Fast or Fixed Wireless Superfast plan.

There may be circumstances where an installation charge can apply, i.e., moving the WNTD’s placement from the planned location. The nbn® technician will advise you of any potential costs before beginning the upgrade installation.

Costs may apply if you request to upgrade your WNTD without upgrading to a Fixed Wireless Fast or Wireless Superfast plan.

How are satellite premises selected to be upgraded to Fixed Wireless?

The nbn® Satellite locations across Australia that will become eligible to connect to nbn® Fixed Wireless as part of the upgrades have been selected based on their proximity to the existing nbn® Fixed Wireless towers and the strength of the wireless signal that can be expected at the location. Stay up to date with what’s happening in your area on the nbn® website.

What should I do with the Satellite connection equipment?

The Satellite connection equipment will no longer be required once you’re home is connected by Fixed Wireless technology. You can lodge a request with nbn® and someone will be in touch to organise a date for a nbn® technician to remove the equipment.

Submit a request to remove Satellite equipment