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Welcome to Leaptel, a rapidly growing Melbourne-based internet service provider. We’re dedicated to providing fast, reliable internet 24/7 – with service to match. We’re also proudly 100% Australian-owned and Melbourne-based. Our impressive speeds are backed by a local support team (no overseas call centres). Every Leaptel member has a simple core mission – keeping you online or getting you online ASAP and hitch-free.

People always come first at Leaptel. We’re dedicated to maximising your connection speed and eliminating hassles – because you deserve rapid, flawless internet 24/7. We believe internet should be fast and hassle-free for everyone, and we’re betting you do too.

Who is Leaptel?

Have you ever thought: ‘I’m mad as hell – there’s got to be a better way?’
That’s how our founder, IT Consultant Matthew Enger, felt in 2015. Matthew took matters into his own hands after losing patience with the substandard services delivered by other internet providers.

Drawing on his extensive business network expertise, Matthew built a residential internet service provider from the ground up to meet his exacting standards. Leaptel was born. The result? Leaptel, a proudly Australian internet service provider, dedicated to maximum speed and genuine simplicity, because you deserve rapid, flawless internet 24/7. Our impressive speeds and renowned reliability are backed by an Australian-based support team – so no overseas call centres to give you the run-around. Instead of shuffling you between phone menus when you just want to talk with a human being, we keep things personal and real. Real service, fast.

Why Leaptel?

At Leaptel, we’re focused on the important things – like a quality-controlled, high speed network, unlimited broadband and exceptional customer care.
We’re a local team of trusted experts providing friendly advice when you need it most. Real service, real fast. Our quality standard is second to none; we even provide a ‘within 10% speed guarantee’, so you get the speed you pay for – guaranteed.

The Leaptel difference

Leaptel was created by a group of people who care about providing a fast, seamless and stable online experience for all customers, from the beginner to the tech-savvy. We’ve focused all our energy on simplicity – that’s why we’ll never bamboozle you with extras you won’t need. It’s all about optimising your time online, however you choose to spend it.

Local Service

Local solutions work better than remote ones. That’s why, instead of shuffling you between menus when you just want to talk with a human being, we keep things personal. And when we say local, we mean local. Everyone you speak with at Leaptel works in Melbourne – it’s that simple.

Personal support & service

Personalised assistance requires a highly experienced team. As you’d expect, Leaptel team members are passionate about internet technology – but we’re skilled communicators, too. No matter what the issue, we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

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