Elevate Your Connectivity with Leaptel and eero Max 7

Leap into the future of home connectivity with Leaptel and eero Max 7! Building on the success of previous eero devices, this cutting-edge innovation will transform the way you experience Wi-Fi within your home. Simple and sleek, this device will be a welcome addition to any home! In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the key features of the new eero Max 7, when it’s due to be released in Australia and how to get your hands on one!

The eero Max 7 is eero’s latest whole-home TrueMesh Wi-Fi system device, being the first of its kind to offer Wi-Fi 7 technology. With a range of incredible features (see below!), the eero Max 7 includes all the things you love about eero products (simple set-up and easy to manage through the mobile app) and much more.



  • Wireless specifications: Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 (2:4:4)
  • Channel support: 320MHz
  • Supports plans up to: 10Gbps and supports: 200+ devices
  • TrueMesh reach: 1 device (up to 230 sqm), 2 devices (up to 460 sqm) or 3 devices (up to 695 sqm)

It also includes anti-malware tools, beamforming, and guest networking, has the ability to control Zigbee and Matter smart home devices and works as a Thread border router – that’s impressive! If that wasn’t enough, eero Secure comes free with every device and provides eero Internet Back up, parental controls and more.

Gamers – the eero Max 7 helps to deliver high performance gaming and is ideal for AR, VR and cloud applications that require high throughput and low latency.


This router is big! Measuring 183.90mm x 221.89mm x 89.90mm. [SK1] The device is the same, sleek eero gloss white sporting the eero logo and has the LED status light on the front.

The ports, located on the back of the device, are different from the eero 6+ with two auto-sensing 10GbE networking ports and two auto-sending 2.5GbE networking ports. It also includes a WPS button and a USB-C power port; keep in mind that it is missing a USB port normally used to connect external devices.


This device has already been released in the US and UK and will launch in Australia by May 2024.

We’re expecting to have these available for purchase from June this year (it may be sooner!), we will offer these routers for purchase either upfront or on payment plans in addition to eero 6+ and TP-Link VX230 upon sign-up.

The eero Max 7 is not just another router; it’s ready to change the world of home connectivity by enhancing speeds through its advanced, cutting-edge features. When the eero Max 7 becomes available, don’t settle for ordinary – upgrade to extraordinary with this incredible device and make the LEAP with us to your best in-home connectivity experience yet!

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll take a deep technical dive into its features.