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Sometimes connecting to your new service doesn’t go as planned. Rest assured, we’re here to help as much as we can by providing you with a bit of troubleshooting information.
One of the most common causes is routers not being configured properly, particularly if you have supplied your own modem/router. Below is some handy information that may assist you.


Leaptel uses CGNAT on our network to improve security putting a barrier between users and the public internet; however, CGNAT can sometimes cause issue for services requiring port forwarding such as:

  • Hosting of servers
  • Older games

Find out more about CGNAT.


DNS or Domain Name System works like a phone book – it’s how the internet converts names such as leaptel.com.au into an IP address.

Find out more about DNS.


The Leaptel network is a dual-stack environment enabling both IPv4 and IPv6. Customers can enable IPv6 via the members portal.

Find out more about IPv6.

Router configuration

Sometimes when routers are not connecting to your new service, they may need to be reconfigured.

Access our range of router configuration guides.

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