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Current As Of: 2 January 2019

LeapTel is committed to providing excellent service and and this statement explains our Credit & Refund Policy

Rules of interpretation and capitalised terms used in this Credit & Refund Policy are defined in the General Terms of our CRA, or our MSA (if an MSA has been provided to you).

What is a credit?

A credit is an amount of money added to your LeapTel account by a Customer Service Representative. They may be applied to your account to correct billing errors or to cover downtime where you were unable to use your services due to a fault.

Unlike a refund, a credit is not returned to your nominated bank account or credit card – it stays on your LeapTel account until it is used to balance charges on your next invoice.

For example, if your account has a credit of $50.00 and your next invoice totals $85.00, then your credit card would only be charged for $35.00.

What is a refund?

A refund is an amount of credit on your LeapTel account that is returned to your nominated bank account or credit card. A refund must only be processed if your LeapTel account has a credit on it – otherwise it will put your LeapTel account in the negative.

For example, if your LeapTel account was in credit for $30.00, then a $30.00 refund to your credit card would bring your LeapTel account balance back to $0.00.

Credits for service issues

Leaptel provides credits for its services in line with the service level agreement for the product type provided. If no service level agreement is specifically outlined (eg. a residential connection) for your product then credits are assessed on a case by case basis for faults with a disruption to services for at least two business days. Credits are usually assessed after the disruption is resolved.

We provide credits for the cost of the loss of our services only, not for the usage of third party alternatives during downtime on our services (such as dongle or mobile hot-spot usage).

Refunds for closed accounts

When a LeapTel service is cancelled, any amount paid in advance is credited back to your LeapTel account. This can then go towards charges on your following invoice(s). If you’ve closed your LeapTel account, the credit will go towards your final invoice.

If there is any remaining credit on your account after your final invoice has been paid, you may request it to be refunded. Typically the Customer Service Rep handling your account closure will advise if they’ll monitor your account to action any refunds after your final invoice. If this wasn’t arranged, please call us on 1300 205 327 for assistance.