What Is a New Development Charge?

When a company such as NBN Co, LBNCo, Opticomm or OPENetworks builds infrastructure into an new greenfield or brownfields location they are permitted to charge a one-time New Development Charge (NDC) to contribute to the cost of this work. This charge is levied to the first person to activate an internet service at an address.

How much is a New Development Charge?

The NDC varies depending on the access network provider, below are a list of fees accurate as of July 1 2022:

  • NBN Co – $300
  • Opticomm – $300 in a class 5 address, otherwise the cost varies and is levied by Opticomm directly depending on the development
  • Lightning Wholesale – $300

I thought NBN connections are free?

The first NBN connection is free to pre-existing locations, but if you are moving into a house in a greenfields housing estate or a newly constructed premise that has no telecommunications connection in a brownfields area, NBN is permitted to charge a one-time fee.

Where can I find out more information on the NBN fee?


How will I know if a fee applies?

Leaptel will advise you of the existance of the fee at your address during the signup process. If you require additional time to consider the fee please advise the customer service representative.

Does Leaptel charge on-top of a New Development Charge?

Leaptel passes on the NDC strictly at cost and does not profit from the NDC.

Can I negotiate on the New Development Charge?

Unfortunately, as the fee is charged to us we are unable to waive or discount the fee. Any NDC must be paid before we can order the internet connection.

I am renting, is the landlord responsible for the New Development Charge?

While you may wish to raise the cost of the NDC with your Landlord or Real Estate Agent, we will require you to make payment on the fee to us before we can proceed with your order. We are unable to communicate or negotiate with a third party about the NDC.

Are there any other setup fees that would apply in addition to a New Development Charge?

Standard activation fees will apply depending upon your service type.