ONT Types

Recent transitions from Velocity

The Velocity transition

In 2020, Telstra Velocity was purchased by Uniti, and existing Telstra Velocity customers are being switched over to the Opticomm network – a next-generation fibre technology network.
Due to the Opticomm network transition, customers will need to choose a new Retail Service Provider (RSP) to provide a home internet service on the Opticomm network.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) types

External ONT – this type of connection technology is located on the outside of your premises. This type of ONT can only access a maximum speed of 50Mbps, so if you would like to upgrade your access technology, Opticomm will do this for FREE. You must be signed up as a Leaptel customer on a low speed plan first in order to request the free upgrade.
An Internal ONT is where your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is located on the inside of your premises. This type of ONT can access all speeds that Opticomm has to offer, giving you access to super-speed home internet.