Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge

Why am I required to pay this?

What is an Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge?

An Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge (OEIC) is a once-off payment to Opticomm when premises are connecting to the Opticomm network for the first time. This fee is typically charged for newly built premises that require the installation of equipment used to connect the premises to the Opticomm network. Charges range between $0 to $550. For more information about this charge, please see our website for details.

FAQ’s about OEIC’s

What is an Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge?

To get connected to the Opticomm network, you will need the right equipment installed to connect to their network. This equipment is referred to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), and the fee you are required to pay covers the cost of the equipment and installation.

How much is the Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge?

The cost of the charge varies depending on the property. It ranges between $0 – $500. If you have any questions about the fee you are being charged, please contact Opticomm to discuss this with them directly, and be reminded that as an internet service provider, Leaptel collects the fee on Opticomm’s behalf, and is not responsible for setting the charge amount.

What should I do once I’ve placed my order with Leaptel?

Once your order has been placed and you’ve paid the Opticomm Equipment Installation Charge, we will book an installation appointment with Opticomm for you.

Prior to your installation appointment, you must ensure that your premises meet the Opticomm requirements to ensure the technician can complete the necessary work on the day of the appointment. For a full checklist of what is required, please refer to the Opticomm Installation Guides or contact Opticomm directly for further guidance.

What do I need to know before my Equipment Installation visit?
  1. You must be present when the technician attends. If not, Opticomm will charge a fee of $97.00 and you will be required to rebook the appointment.
  2. If the premises is not prepared and the installation requirements have not been met, you will be charged a $150 Incorrect Callout Fee (ICF) and will need to book another appointment once all requirements have been met.
Can I negotiate on the Charge?

Unfortunately, as the fee is charged to us we are unable to waive or discount the fee. Any OEIC must be paid before we can order the internet connection.