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How Does a Wireless Internet Work?

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If, like most Australians, you’re wired up to the internet, you may occasionally wonder how the whole thing works. For example, how does the content ‘out there’ get into your computer? Luckily for you, Lenny’s an expert on this – and he’s here to share his wisdom. 

So, how does it all work? 

Hooking your computer up to the internet involves some pretty hefty tech. And with so many components working together, everything must be calibrated exactly right. That’s why it’s so important to have quality components installed by an expert team. 
So, what are the components in the electronic chain that connects you to the web? I’m glad you asked. Let’s run through the major links in this mysterious process. 

Consideration #1:Your Wi-Fi connection.

Think of Wi-Fi like radio for the internet. Just like a radio, Wi-Fi uses radio signals to transmit the information required for your computer’s internet signal through the air. As Wi-Fi signals are relatively low-powered, you’ve got to be reasonably close to the receiver to pick them up clearly. There’s a sure-fire 100% reliable backup plan if you can’t get a stable wi-fi connection for whatever reason. Easy fixed – just plug your router directly into your computer with an ethernet cable. Problem solved!     

Consideration #2: Your router. 

Just as your engine propels your car, your router drives your internet connection. To do this complex job properly, it must be able to receive radio waves fromyour computer (i.e. uploads) as well as sending them toyour computer (i.e. downloads). In other words, your router must be a multi-tasker extraordinaire as well as a tireless workhorse.

All computers in your house are linked to the internet via your router. But while routers are robust, they like being taken care of as much as anyone – so make sure you treat yours kindly. 

Consideration #3: Your computer. 

To provide the fastest, most reliable connection possible, it must be in good working order – virus-free, with enough free hard disk space for optimal operation. For a perfect internet connection, every link in this chain must be functioning at its best. 


If you’re seeking a speedy, rock-solid browsing experience, here are a few suggestions:

  • Router buried under an avalanche of junk? Make sure you give it plenty breathing space!
  • Dust is not your friend. If your router’s chock- full of it, it’s not working as fast as it could be.
  • Wi-Fi signals can go around corners, but they work best with clear sightlines. For optimal speeds, try repositioning your computer and router. 

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