Improvements to your home internet that will improve your quality of life

There is always so much advice floating around on how to improve your quality of life. From health to fitness to medical experts, they all have different opinions and different tips and tricks on how to improve it, but I bet you’ve never thought that making improvements to your home internet could improve your quality of life! With 91% of Aussies online and 55% stating they cannot live without it, we think that improving your home internet will improve your quality of life. Let’s look at how that might be possible!

Happy person with great Leaptel home internet.

Internet speed
Do you remember the days of the dial-up tone or ADSL dropping out constantly? Thank goodness we are so far from that now! We live in a time when we type in a URL, and it’s almost loaded when we hit enter! We have faster speed tiers that are more affordable than ever. Faster internet can improve your life in so many ways. It reduces wait times for things, giving you more of your own time back. You can play massive online games with friends or family, getting your social fill for the week without any pesky lag – if those two things are not stress relievers, I don’t know what is!

Reliable connection
Similar to faster internet, switching up to a reliable connection can also improve your quality of life. Internet that sometimes drops out, or even worse, continually drops out, can really leave you frustrated, worried and stressed – particularly if you need to attend a 10 am meeting.

A smoother, more consistent internet connection can ensure you avoid all those negative feelings and continue to have peace of mind all of the time.

A reliable internet connection is also a must if you’re one of the 40% of Aussies that work from home. Having a reliable connection can enable you to work from home, which can really improve your quality of life (let’s be honest, you can’t go to the office in Ugg boots on cold winter mornings).

Advancements in home connectivity technology
Gone are the days when we had to plug our computer into the phone line or stand close to the router for a stable connection. We have access to these great little devices that create a mesh network in our home! These devices can improve your quality of life by improving the reach of your fast, reliable connection. Whether you’re watching your favourite show from the comfort of your bed or sharing a seamless video call with loved ones, mesh networks ensure a smooth and enjoyable online experience for all.

Finding a new provider
Do you know that so many providers want your business? If you take a quick look at the market, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a great deal. In 2022 the average cost of home internet was $71 per month, and competition usually keeps the price down! Finding a new provider can help by improving your internet speed, giving you access to a reliable connection, offer the latest technology to improve connectivity all through your house, but it can save you money, too – just ask any Leaptel customer. By saving money on your bill, you can have more to spend on the things you want.

Improvements to your home internet can improve your quality of life. By improving your internet speed, having a reliable connection, using advanced home-connected devices and finding a new provider that will give you more for less, you will be happier, have peace of mind and have more money in your back pocket in no time. That’s what we call improving your quality of life!

If you’re ready to make these improvements to your home internet, then make the leap to Leaptel! We’re an Australian-owned and operated ISP that provides lightning-fast internet around the clock. Get in touch with us via phone at 1300 205 327, email support@leaptel.com.au or head over to our website and sign up today!