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Keeping a Stable Connection When Working From Home

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G’day internet lovers and learners, Lenny is here to answer your questions!

Working from home can be a luxury or a burden – depending on how you look at it! 

Sleeping in, wearing your pjs, cooking up a storm at lunch and no travel time can be the absolute dream for some. For others, working from home means kids screaming they’re bored or answering the door for deliveries or for your retired neighbour who’s asking for some sugar. What can add to this burden is your internet going down! 

Don’t fret! Leaptel has the answers to make your working from home life a breeze! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your stable connection as fine as a frog hair split four ways. 

Your Modem

First things first – where’s your modem located? 

The area where your modem is situated can play a massive part in how good your connection is. Keep it close (not down the frog and toad) to your workstation to provide the best possible connection. 

We know WiFi is convenient and an easy way to move your laptop around the house doing chores and caring for the kids but wired is always better! If you have an ethernet cable, your connection is sure to stay stable. 

If you can’t wire up (we get it), make sure your cabling to the modem is in a good spot that’s close to where you need it. Even though WiFi is not a physical object, things like double brick walls can make the connection slower or not reach as far as you like – ensure there are no thick-walled obstructions to the WiFi path. Most modern homes will already have cabling in a spot that works well! 

Is your modem up to date? Having a modern and capable modem can make all the difference to your connection. 

What is Using Your Data? 

Who or what is using your data is an important factor in providing you a stable connection for your working from home needs? Moving devices off WiFi where possible can assist in keeping your connection stable.  

Downloads use more data than Zoom, emails, spreadsheets and the like. Depending on your job will depend on how much data is being used but most of the mentioned above don’t use very much data at all! 

If your little ones are home during work hours they will mostly be homeschooling. Homeschooling often doesn’t use much data but playing games does. Make sure they aren’t gaming while you’re working as this can max out your data and make your working needs slow. 

What Happens if there is an outage? 

Internet outages happen from every provider – big and small. Sometimes these outages are long and sometimes short. The only constant with outages is that they are always annoying and disruptive to your work day.

The most reliable fallback to have is to have large amounts of mobile data. Conserve your data for the things that are really important because rarely will you receive compensation from your provider for outages. Teach your family how to connect to their hotspots on their phone so they can also continue their days without acting as mad as a box of frogs.

Extra Tip!

Ensure you have a backup plan by using your mobile data to hotspot. This is a simple and effective way to avoid looking like you have a frog in your throat during important meetings! 

Provider Plan

Have you checked your provider plan recently? 

Usually while working from home, you should opt for a 50/20 plan. This plan provides you enough internet for your needs. 

Whether you have NBN, OptiComm or anything else, Leaptel has the plan for you! 


At Leaptel, we know the world revolves around the internet and people can’t go without it, especially when it comes to working from home. Contact us today for more information on how your connection can stay stable when you’re working from home. 

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