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What’s My Modem Trying to Tell Me?

G’day, people – Lenny at your service. 
Have you ever been leaping around the internet when your streaming froze, and your modem started flashing?
This is a fairly common problem, but what does it mean?
And what should you do if it happens?

Let’s jump into three ways to deal with and check modem problems.

1. “Have You Tried…”

Before you call Support, try turning your modem off and on again. This may sound silly, but your modem probably just needs a reboot, just like a computer!

Maintenance could have taken place overnight, and that can upset your modem connection.

When you turn your modem off and on again, it’s forced to reconnect to the internet. Most of the time this is going to solve everything! Simple and effective!

2. “Don’t Press Reset!”

We’ve all looked at the reset button and wondered if it would help.

But no matter how tempted you are to hit the “reset” button when things go wrong, don’t do it!

Resetting your modem will remove its configuration, which means you’ll end up spending even more time talking to support trying to make your modem work again.

When the modem’s configuration is reset, it can be very difficult to fix yourself.
You might even have to pay for a new modem that’s properly configured to get your internet working again.

So to avoid any drama or unnecessary costs – steer clear of the “reset” button!

3. One Light On, One Light Off

Different modems work differently, but in general, flashing fast means it’s receiving data, and slow blinking means it’s syncing. And we like that!

The only time you should be worried is if a light is off that should be on, or is red. But first, do a basic check-up.

1. Check that cables haven’t come unplugged, or that your modem isn’t turned off at the power point.

2. Check the cable connection of your Lan ports as cables can easily come out.

Often, simply adjusting cables can bring your internet into order!

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You’ll be an internet whizz in no time!.

Stay cool, humans!

Extra Tip

The most common reason our Leaptel Support team gets called is because someone’s internet is down, but in most cases all they have to do is turn their modem on and off again.

To speed things up, make this the first thing you do, and you might never have to call support! 

Otherwise, remember Leaptel’s friendly, Melbourne-based team of internet experts is at your service, ready to help 🙂

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