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Optimising Your Internet Connection For Gaming

Tired of trying to play Fortnite with constant dropouts? 

G’day gamers, Lenny here to talk to you about how to optimise your gaming experience. 

Is your pond full of gamers? Or maybe you’re just eager to start playing the updated version of God of War. 

There’s nothing worse than when you’re just about to beat your opponent and your connection is lost. If you think your game is off, it may just be your connection or network – not your poor gaming skills! 

In this lesson, we will explore why your gaming connection may be lagging and ways you can enhance your overall gaming experience through a stable connection.  

Get the whole family at their optimal gaming peak with Leaptel! Who knows, maybe one of your little tadpoles could be the next Esports champion!

What is Latency?

Latency is the amount of time the info from your computer or console takes to go from the server and back to you. Measured in milliseconds, a good latency rating is below 150 milliseconds, around 20ms for prime latency.  Simply put, whenever you make a move or take a step in a game, it goes from your game to the server and back again to register in your game. 


In 2022, almost everyone has Wi-Fi and you probably do too! Wi-Fi is used for home-schooling, browsing, online shopping, streaming and so much more. But should it be used for gaming? 

With Wi-Fi, the amount of people using the connection determines the speed of your game. Everyone is competing for the available capacity of your router which often goes elsewhere over your gaming.  

Gaming doesn’t use that much bandwidth but with the bandwidth going to other parts of your home like browsing, Netflix or home-schooling, your gaming capacity can be limited. 

Your latency will never be stable on Wi-Fi, and it can create a jittering game experience. No one wants that! So how can you ensure your gaming experience goes smoothly?

The optimal way to combat this is by moving off Wi-Fi and physically connecting your gaming console or computer to an ethernet cable. Ethernet ensures your connection stays at a continually stable rate as this connection is always the same speed. 

Many newer homes will have ethernet ports, allowing you to directly connect your gaming devices to your router. 

If you don’t have an ethernet port, you could always try powerline adapters. These are quite cheap from your local electrical or office supply store or purchasable online. Just make sure it is from a reputable brand. These are definitely worth a shot if your Wi-Fi is bad! 

If you have to rely on Wi-Fi, ensure your gaming device is as close as possible to the router, and invest in the best Wi-Fi system you can afford.


For optimal gaming, you also need to ensure you have the right internet speed. With everything being online, you need will want a high speed plan to ensure your gaming experience is seamless. 

For large console games, some updates can be up to 30GB! For games like Fortnite, there are often several updates per month. Although these can be small, they are frequent. If your whole family is streaming, gaming can be hard! Avoid hitting the frog and toad to the nearest internet cafe to play your online RPG, let’s up your network! 

If you are a gamer or have gamers in the house, you should opt for one plan higher than you would if there was no gamer. If you are on 50Mbps/20Mbps plan, upgrading to an Full Throttle (100Mbps/20Mbps) plan from Leaptel gives you enough frog-leg room to download updates with ease. 

Extra Tips! 

Plug-in as much as you can! Anything you can connect to a physical network will be so much better than Wi-Fi. 

Second tip is do not use 5G for gaming! It will be so slow, laggy and jittering that you’ll end up being as mad as a box of frogs! 


At Leaptel, we want you to enjoy your gaming experience as much as we do. Follow the tips to ensure your gaming experience is as seamless and fun as possible! Get a speed that gets you online quicker and beat your opponent with a better connection.

Good luck!
Lenny the Leapfrog and the Leaptel team 🙂

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