The Enduring Appeal of Landlines

Leaptel red landline phone next to iPhone

Remember landlines? Of course you do!  Back in the olden days of telecommunications, we were connected with the outside world by a phone that was – wait for it – physically connected to the wall. 

If you’re a tech aficionado, you might be surprised to find out that these landlines still exist throughout the country. Yes, even in our convenience-obsessed disposable culture, there are still some enthusiasts who affectionately house these loveable antiques in their homes. 

So, who are these remaining landline holdouts? How do they justify talking to friends and family on hilariously big chunks of metal and plastic, often tethered by long curly strings? What makes them tick? Why are they using a phone that doesn’t even have the internet or a camera in it?   

According to Leaptel MD Matthew Enger, there are three main reasons for the persistence of landlines in the ultramodern age. Let’s take a closer look.  

First, many pensioners actually prefer using landlines. This may be hard to believe for Millennials, but the decision to retain a landline is often made for emotional reasons, rather than purely logical ones such as price. The simplicity and familiarity of landlines can be deeply appealing to many who have grown up with them..

Second, people in areas with poor reception often need landlines. Living in a dreaded ‘black spot’ is a prime motivator for many landline users. A rock-solid connection is a huge drawcard if you’re stuck in one of these dropout-prone zones – a particularly persistent issue in some regional areas. For this reason, landlines can be a perfect fit for those who view an ultra-dependable, dropout-free connection as more important than simply having ‘the latest thing’… just because it’s hit the shelves. 

Third, those with friends and family overseas often prefer landlines. The cost for someone overseas calling your landline number compared to your mobile number can be ¼ the price!  Not to mention for many, nothing beats the reassurance of a dependable physical connection when you’re calling across oceans – no worrying about whether you’re getting optimal reception. It’s all about having that feeling of complete security when you’re talking with a loved one. Better still, Leaptel’s ultra-affordable landline rates available means keeping in touch long-distance has never been easier. 

Beyond these practical reasons for the landline’s persistence, it’s clear that it’s apart of our culture – when you think about it, the landline has added immeasurably to our language. Think of the expression ‘hang up’. You can’t really do this with a smartphone, because it only makes sense if you’re physically hanging the phone on the receiver! And in some ways, even the most tech-dependent among us haven’t really given up on the landline. Look at the ‘phone’ icon on your smartphone, for example. Does that clunky form look vaguely familiar? That’s a landline.             

While landlines may seem to hark back to a simpler time, that’s why they’re still an in-demand item for many people. And since they’ve lasted this long, it’s a sure bet that the humble landline will still be a fixture in many Australian households for many years to come. If you’re after more information about landlines, Leaptel’s got everything you need to know. Find out more about our cost-effective landline offers.