Top 5 Considerations for Choosing an Internet Service Provider

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What’s important to keep in mind before choosing an internet service provider (ISP)? 

Taking the plunge with a new ISP isn’t like buying a cup of coffee – it’s a long-term commitment. You want professionals. But how do you figure out who the real professionals are? 

To find out, let’s take a look at five crucial issues to consider before signing on the dotted line.

1. How well does the ISP understand the product?

We all know what the ‘product’ is – fast, reliable internet that does exactly as advertised. Many players out there have a shaky grasp of how an ISP actually works. When challenged, they’ll simply dish up nonsense. 

Instead, choose an ISP run by die-hard tech enthusiasts… And avoid ‘buying a lemon’ by asking plenty of questions, until you’re satisfied that the people running the show really know their stuff.

2. Does the ISP have a plan that suits my needs? 

There’s a reason why tailor-made suits are far more expensive than the shapeless ‘one size fits all’ variety. 

It’s all down to fit and customisability. That principle applies to your ISP, too.

Ask yourself: Do the plans on offer suit my needs? If not, keep looking. Don’t settle until you’ve found your perfect plan. And that means choosing an ISP with a range of plans, each designed for a different user profile. 

3. Does the ISP offer a speed guarantee?

It’s a common trap. Potential customers are seduced by an ISP’s extravagant ‘maximum speed’ claims … without considering whether these speeds are available consistently.

Would you rather be with an ISP offering a rock-solid, consistent 50 megabits a second (Mbps) …

Or an ISP which briefly hits 80mbits/sec at 3am … but can only offer 5mbits/sec at every other time? 

That’s why taking a close look at typical evening speeds is important. This average evening speed figure gives you a good idea of the ISP’s commitment to delivering what you’re after.

These figures provide the speed you can reasonably expect when every other person in the country is also online.

4. What quality of support is offered? 

Nobody ever thinks about tech support when things are going well. 

It’s only when everything goes pear-shaped that we pay attention. 

So there’s a huge benefit to having a high-quality support team that are dedicated to answering your queries. 

Consider the alternative. 

How often have you wasted hours being shunted between call centres, trying to solve a simple problem which you keep having to re-explain to each new person that pops up? 

Having easy access to people with relevant knowledge of your local network has positive consequences. When it comes to tech support, many ISPs simply aren’t across local issues.

And whenever a problem arises, it’s extremely reassuring to speak with someone who’s filled in about your own situation… Promptly. 

Accessibility’s a huge benefit when you’re searching for someone to talk to about tech issues. 

That’s one of Leaptel’s great advantages. With tech help available via phone, email and LiveChat, you’ll find it easy to get someone on the other end of the line. 

And that’s surely worth its weight in gold. 

5. What’s the ISP’s public reputation? 

Finally, we get to the crux – what do other people think of the ISP? 

These days, a deluge of information is available on the internet. 

One tried and tested way is finding a reputable product review site and read about what the people are saying. A company with 99% negative reviews is likely to be a dud. On the other hand, a company with a huge majority of positive reviews is most likely to be a winner. 

So, use your best judgement – and read the comments – before making a final choice. 


As these tips make clear, it pays to go with an ISP who has each of these avenues fully covered. 

That’s why Leaptel’s just the ticket – a company run by tech professionals, with your priorities firmly in mind. That’s a personal focus you simply can’t replace. 

If you’d like to discover how Leaptel’s dedicated to optimising your online experience, contact us