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What Internet Speed do I Need?

Leaptel internet speed test on laptop

We expect our internet service to deliver exactly what we ask for – but how much speed do you actually need?’ The answer depends on what type of user you are.  

If you’re a heavy-duty downloader (or a houseful!), you’ll need a stellar connection that can handle anything.   

If you’re a laid-back browser, consistency’s key – a steady workhorse, not a racing car.  

With this huge range of speeds required, how can you make sure your internet service provider understands you? Luckily, Lenny’s here for a whirlwind tour of the internet’s ins and outs. 


Consideration #1: Choose quality.  

G’day, people – Lenny at your service. While we don’t all need the fastest connection…  

We can still apply sky-high standards to our internet. Even if your demands aren’t quite as daunting as Zuckerberg’s, quality and reliability still rule the pond. 

So, pay attention. Does your ISP offer a speed guarantee? Are their T&Cs clear? Do they have a local helpdesk? If the answer to all three is ‘Yes’, you’re on a winner.    

Consideration #2: Obey your data cravings. 

The difference between heavy and light users is bigger than a goliath bullfrog. Some devour, others sip and nibble. 

If you’re the first type, with multiple users and mixed uses (movie streams, gaming etc.), you’ll need at least 500GB/month – unlimited is ideal. This applies to frequent streamers of HD video, which devours data.  

If you’re the second type, a 250GB/month allowance should amply cover you. 

Consideration 3: What’s your need for speed?  

Everyone browses differently. Die-hards might stream HD videos 24/7 … light users might only read the news … while gamers will have high expectations for speed and responsiveness.  

The devoted internet user will crave the fastest possible connection for those demanding downloads and uploads – no exceptions. This means something very different for the second user type, who values consistency and reliability above speed alone. A bona-fide internet provider understands both.

Consideration #4: Choose a plan that delivers on data and speed. 

Where you live determines the type of connection available – whether it’s FTTH (Fibre to the Home), FTTN (fibre to the node) or HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable). There’s also Opticomm and LBNCo connections, available in selected residential or commercial developments.   

However, you can choose your perfect plan. 

Leaptel’s on the case, with three simple plans built for flexibility. There’s Pronto (a brisk 25 Mbps), Accelerated (a rapid 50 Mbps), and Full Throttle (a blistering 100 Mbps).  

For high-demand  users, ‘Accelerated’ or ‘Full Throttle’ are ideal for considerable streaming video and gameplay. And our zippy ‘Pronto’ plan’s perfect for more casual users, with plenty of grunt for smooth, hassle-free browsing. 


  • Definition affects speed. Watching a high definition (HD) movie will require a faster connection than standard definition (SD) – and 4K/UHD (Ultra High Definition) demands the fastest speeds of all.  
  • Online gaming, though less demanding than video, still sucks significant bandwidth – so factor that in when choosing a plan.
  • Some activities require little speed or bandwidth – text, for example. So before choosing, consider your main uses.
  • Upload speeds matter too. Even if you’re not sending large files, browsing still involves uploading.  

After more advice on choosing your perfectly calibrated plan? Contact Leaptel on 1300 205 327 or via our contact form.

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