What internet speed is best for movie streaming?

Leaptel person holding tv remote

We all know the feeling….

The bank’s a smoking ruin. Bullets are flying. Bundles of cash are lined up in identical duffel bags. Sirens blare in the distance. The crims sprint towards the exit, slipping on the marble floors. 
And then….  Nothing…. Your computer monitor’s frozen. 

This dire situation’s guaranteed to throw your household into more chaos than the interior of the mob’s getaway car.  

Now the blame game begins, everyone turning on each other. You know the drill:   

  • ‘Why didn’t we go for the top-tier connection? I told you to!’
  • ‘Is Brad hogging the internet in his room again?’
  • ‘How can we possibly have used up all our data? How is that possible?

All reasonable questions at this difficult time. Yet this disaster could have been avoided by asking the crucial question: 

What kind of connection do I need? 

Let’s start with the basics. A movie can be delivered to you in a few ways, the two most common being standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). 

As a rule of thumb, HD streaming contains around twice the number of pixels vertically and horizontally as SD streaming. That’s a ton of extra data – around four times as much.

And pushing all those ones and zeroes through a cable into your computer takes serious grunt. 

A short interlude: How come we’re only talking about video streaming – after all, surely high-definition gaming sucks up far more data than watching an old-fashioned movie?  

Strange as it may seem, no. Video is the real data glutton – not gaming, which mainly shuffles around data you’ve already downloaded. 

Video streaming’s the opposite – it’s all brand-new information, arriving every second. 

So, how much speed do you need for an optimal viewing experience? 

Well, your requirements will depend on your demands as a viewer or as a household.

If you’re a casual viewer who’s not too fussed about pixels-per-centimetre, Leaptel’s ‘Basic’ Plan is designed for you. 

With an average evening speed of 10 Mbps, the Basic Plan offers the potential for streaming a single SD movie uninterrupted, provided your connection’s not being used by multiple people. 

And as your demand for data increases, so should your plan. 

By comparison, even a single HD stream pushes up your data usage considerably. If someone in your house is streaming video at the same time you are, your data demand will spike accordingly. 

For that reason, you’d be best served choosing the next plan up – Leaptel’s ‘Pronto’ Plan. This option enables one user to watch an HD stream, while another watches a movie in SD. 

If there’s multiple people streaming at once, it’s time to step up to the next level again. 

This is where you’ll findLeaptel’s ‘Accelerated’ Plan, giving you a 50Mbps download speed during a typical evening – ideal for dual HD streams. 

And finally, there are those households populated by TV-obsessives, committed to watching a huge selection of HD content at the highest possible quality.

For these users with insatiable demand for content, there’s one optimal option. Leaptel’s ‘Full Throttle’ Plan.

For this, we’ve gone all-out to open the pipeline. There’s a huge capacity, custom-designed to get the most data inside your house as fast as possible. 

The ‘Full Throttle’ Plan is designed to withstand high demand 24/7, giving all users in your household a rock-solid connection – even with several people watching HD simultaneously.  

As you can probably tell, each of our four plans has been designed with the needs of real people in mind. Instead of providing something you’ll only use a tiny fraction of, we’re dedicated to providing you with exactly what you need.  

Of course, it works both ways.

In other words, it’s 100% possible to underestimate how much data you’ll use. 

For example, you may only discover your passion for hi-definition streaming after you sign up to the ‘Basic’ Plan … and then decide to go the whole hog. 

That’s why Leaptel makes changing data plans simple, so you’re not stuck with too much or too little. 

At Leaptel, you may have guessed by now that we take people’s needs seriously. (We’re tech nerds after all!) But we also recognise that our top-tier plans aren’t for everyone – for maximum value, it’s important to match your plan’s capabilities with your demands.

Fortunately, each Leaptel plan is designed for real people, because we’re passionate about customer satisfaction. 

Read more about home internet here. We’ll deliver speed to meet your needs.