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What should I do when my internet is slow?

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Most of us take the internet for granted – it’s just like water in your taps or power in your sockets. We rely on fast, reliable connections. We want everything to be instantaneous. Click on one site – bang. Click on another one – bang. Everything has to be right there in front of us, exactly when we want it. 

There’s just one thing that can cramp our style and expectations – upload and download speeds. When they’re not up to scratch, it can be so frustrating.

So, what’s the best way to keep up the pace? Enter Lenny, Leaptel’s clever Leapfrog to share a few important pointers!


When you’re online, things should go at your pace. After all, it’s your computer. Who’s got time to waste on an internet connection that’s slower than a croaky old toad? So, how can you make sure your internet’s helping you jump higher, faster and further than ever?

Consideration #1 – Make sure your computer’s fighting fit. 

First things first. Maybe your computer’s … a little long in the tooth. Sloshing rocket fuel into your petrol tank won’t help if you’ve got four flat tyres…And the world’s best internet connection won’t turn a medieval PC into Usain Bolt. 

Consideration #2 – Keep an eye on your data limit. 

Choosing the lowest data limit to save a few bucks seemed like a good idea at the time…? Then reality hits! You really wanted to watch the latest Stan or Netflix series – but you’ve already blown your data cap, so no go. Some internet companies won’t even tell you when you’ve accidentally exceeded your limit – they’ll just ‘throttle’ your speed and hope you won’t notice. (Sneaky, huh?). Instead, should this happen Leaptel provides notification via SMS or we email our customers on data plans. (Service; the way it should be!).

Consideration #3 – Know when to make the change. 

Sometimes, the solution’s simple. Just as frogs outgrow ponds, people outgrow internet companies. So how do you know when it’s time to leap out? Well, when the folks you’ve signed up with don’t meet your high standards, it’s high time to hop along to someone who’ll take proper care of you. Just as I’ve found my perfect pond to explore; Leaptel’s got the goods to be your ideal internet company. With Leaptel, you’ll reap the benefits of many years’ experience and a friendly, local team always eager to help. That means, you’ll be back on the (electronic) road in no time, so you can get back to blitzing your favourite websites!


  • Before choosing your plan, have a really good idea about what you’re using the internet for. Strictly email? You won’t need a huge data limit. But if you’re doing HD streaming or sending/receiving colossal files, you’ll want the strong stuff. 
  • Do an internet speed test to find out how much speed you’re really getting. 
  • Remember practical testing. ‘Can I watch an HD video on YouTube without pausing?’ is easier to understand than: ‘My computer has a 11.2mb/s download speed’! 
  • Streaming high-definition video will really stretch your system. This requires colossal bandwidth, so it’s a good test of how your system’s tracking.
  • It’s not just about how much you need on one computer – it’s about how you need for all of them. Every additional computer on your network’s an additional load. 
  • Faster internet isn’t just about loading websites. It also reduces strain on your computer, making other programs run more effectively.
  • Simplicity’s important. Don’t get bamboozled by internet companies with more options than sense – check out Leaptel’s straightforward connection choices. We make it simple. 
Leaptel - What Should I Do When Internet Is Slow