Why Your Home Needs Unlimited Internet

In today’s modern society, everyone and everything is online so your internet needs to be truly unlimited! So why and what’s best in unlimited internet?

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In my household, the kids love to play games, the wife loves to stream her shows and I love to play a bit of PlayStation when the house is quiet (rare!) and sometimes all at the same time! And there is nothing worse than the internet being slow or running out and then hearing “Daaaadddd, fix the internet!”  

No one knows what we would do without the internet, but we do know we want it now and we want it fast. Did you know the average Australian home uses around 355 GB of data per month? That’s about 2- 4GB per hour. Wow! 

Due to the pandemic, the average household’s usage skyrocketed and people are using more data now than ever before!

There are a range of factors in your home that can eat up your data and having unlimited usage ensures the internet connection is always on. Your phone for example will always have data on to receive notifications from different platforms, so even if you aren’t actively using it, your data is still being used in the background.  

Sounds annoying, I know, but if you have a REAL unlimited plan, you will have no issues! 

How Much Data Does Your Home Use?

How Much Data Does Your Home Use?

Even if you only use your home laptop to check emails, you can still rack up to about 7 GB a month. 

With online shopping, entertainment streaming and gaming all commonly used in properties across Australia, more households are finding their internet usage quickly running out before they know it. 

Here are three ways your usage can leap away from you: 

  • Zoom video meetings: 1.6 – 2.5 GB per hour. 
  • Kayo (and most other entertainment streaming services): 2.5 GB per hour when watching videos at 720p quality and 3.25 GB at 1080p. 
  • Gaming: can fall into as much as 60 GB per game download. Some games, like Fortnite, can receive 10 GB updates per fortnight. 

Tip: When choosing, factor in every member and what they use. If you have a gamer in the house, *raises hand*, then a new release on a video game will push 100 GB per update. Once a fortnight a 10 GB update will occur for popular games like Call of Duty. 

What Does Unlimited Data Really Mean?

While an unlimited plan sounds like you’ll have a constant flow of internet available at all hours of the day, the reality could be quite different; check the T&Cs! 

Sme providers will supply a fast, unlimited service, but slow down your connection or download speed if your usage is higher than expected. Sneaky…

If you’re after a genuine unlimited internet connection, it’s essential to find out exactly what “unlimited” internet means from your provider. 

Why You Should Choose an Unlimited Internet Plan for Your Home

Unlimited internet usage gives you and your family peace of mind in their usage. ‘

Whether this means day-long meetings while working from home or ensuring there’s enough space for your game’s newest update, unlimited internet is the way to go. 

Remember the days of phone plans? We were constantly worrying about our phone data running out in a pinch. Why bring that old-school worry back into your home life! Take away that fear and come home to a fast, high-definition movie night with the family after a long day. 

Did you know Leaptel operates on a year-on-year data increase of about 30%? 
If you want to improve the internet connectivity of your home, Leaptel’s friendly, Melbourne-based team of internet experts are at your service, ready to help.
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