Why Leaptel is faster than the rest

Leaptel - people looking at graphs on large screen

In its latest report on NBN speeds, the Australia Competition and Consumer Commision reported that some of the biggest internet providers saw a drop in the speed they provided in the busy evening hours of 7pm to 11pm.

Leaptel has always prided itself on delivering great speeds to our customers. This is the answer to the perennial question from customers, “what makes Leaptel different?” Other providers may advertise the “same” internet plan, but Leaptel backs it’s plans with a speed guarantee. How many other providers can say that?

To ensure we deliver these speeds we make sure we purchase more bandwidth per customer than other providers. This is why wer’e so confident that you’re won’t experience buffering when you’re watching the latest episode of your favorite show on your preferred streaming service, and why you can play the latest online video game without worrying about packetloss and high latency.

At a time when customers are using more and more data, particularly in peak periods, we are always keeping an eye on our network. If we notice usage increasing, and speeds at risk of slowing down, we immediately order more bandwidth.

This comes at a cost however, and that is why you may notice that sometimes our internet plans are slightly more expensive than other providers. But rest assured, this price difference is invested straight back into our network, or paid to upstream carriers (NBN, Opticomm, LBNCo or OPENetworks) to buy the bandwidth to ensure you enjoy your Leaptel experience.

Slow speeds?

If you do notice your speeds slowing down then please contact our support team. In most cases it’s something localised to your individual connection that will require some basic troubleshooting to resolve. But our Australian based support team will do everything they can to identify and assist you in getting the speed back to where it should be.